Tickling is a practice in BDSM, in which the bottom is tickled. Tickling is used outside of BDSM as a sexual practice that increases arousement, and allowing you to have fun. Mechanism of influence. Tickling causes reflex compression of the peripheral vessels of the skin; with it the temperature of the limbs (by a few tenths of a degree) as well as their volume drops. This explains blanching of the skin at the tickling place, but there is a strong increase in b***d pressure in the carotid artery, in the vessels of the head and brain, where b***d is expelled from the areas subjected to tickling. Face blushes, the pulse and breathing speed up. There are two types of tickling - knismesis, arising from light touch, and gargalesis, from more coarse influences on the most sensitive to tickling places on the body. Second kind of tickling is also accompanied by general arousing, laughter and reflex uncontrolled movements. After prolonged tickling in the form of gargalesis a breakdown occurs, and often a syncope, which can be accompanied by effects close to the subspace. For a long time, tickling have been used as a means of t*****e, as well as executions, in which prolonged tickling led to death. Therefore, despite its seeming harmlessness, tickling refers to extreme practices. It should not be applied to people with any vascular problems. Pathological phobia of tickling (pteronophobia) also completely excludes this practice. In fairness, we should note that tickling is also used as a therapeutic practice for various diseases. Tickling terminology. Tickling lovers have their own terminology. So, the one who tickles - called the tickler, and the bottom, the one tickled is a tiklee (a man is sometimes called a tickl). Note that the tickers (as well as the representatives of many other subcultures) also call their hobby the Subject. Tickling methodology. Tickling is done by hand, feather (there are special feathers for this), hair, feet (tickling can be combined with a foot fetish) and various objects. Main zones for tickling are the feet, armpits, chest, abdomen, neck, face, the auricle - as a rule, it is tickled with a feather, and so on. Different people can be sensitive to tickling in different areas, and the tickling of different parts of the body causes a different reaction. Whether ticklee is fixed depends on the degree of trust and understanding. First tickling sessions are best conducted without fixation. There are a number of poses in which the possibility of harming the tickler is excluded with uncontrolled ticklee movements. As a fixing in tickling unconventional for BDSM tools are used - for example, a blanket that leaves feet free. Latex suits are also used. Ticking outside the BDSM community. There is a whole subculture around the tickling, and it only partially overlaps with the thematic community, where tickling is only one of the many practices of one of the topics of the Subject. There are (including in Russia) clubs for tickling lovers, special websites and meetings are held. There is a code of the ticker was developed, which, in the final analysis, is reduced to the same norms of voluntariness, reasonableness and security as in BDSM. Use of a safety word is also provided.