Want to Buy a Riding Crop? What You Should Know

Toys are an essential part of kink that make everything a lot more exciting and fun. One of the toys that are associated with BDSM is a riding crop. If you don’t already have this impact toy or you want to expand your collection, there are some things you should take into consideration.

Riding crop and how it is used

A riding crop is a semi-flexible pole that is used for striking. The important thing to remember about this fetish toy is that only the tip of a riding crop should come in contact with the body. The design of this tip can vary and when you strike correctly, it produces a noticeable sound. It takes some practice to use a riding crop correctly, so it’s recommended to practice before you use it on your partner.

Choose the right color

Modern riding crops come in a variety of different colors, so you can choose the ones that will be perfect for your fantasies, from pink to black and anything else in between.

Find the right tip

The design of a tip doesn’t have much impact on the sensations, but it makes all the difference in the atmosphere. If you want something non-threatening, you can go for a cute heart-shaped design or something similar. But, if you want to play a role of a mistress or master, you may want to go for the design that hints at your dominance, such as the black floppy leather tip that looks sexy and dangerous.

Think about flexibility

You should remember that more flexible riding crops provide more impact and strong sensations while less flexible ones can be used for gentler strikes. A good idea is to read reviews online to find out what others say about the sensation.

Decide on length

Riding crops cannot be folded, so you should think about storage before buying one. Another important aspect is that long riding crops can only be used effectively in larger spaces. So if you want to use your toy while being close to your partner, opt for a riding crop that is on the shorter side.

Look into a wrist loop

A great feature that can be found in some riding crops is a wrist loop. It provides a sense of stability and is also quite useful if you want to hang your riding crop for storage. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s something that will work in your case, but it’s definitely a nice addition.

Spanking and striking can be done effectively with numerous toys, and riding crops are definitely excellent additions to your BDSM play time.