Feminization in BDSM is the practice of role-playing game, in which a man plays the role of a woman, an option of sex substitution play. This practice is common in femdom, and suggests that the bottom man wears appropriate clothing, chooses the appropriate behavior model, plays a "female role" in sex, fulfilling the requirements of the Top. It is the presence of this guide, that is, sadomasochistic motives of submission and humiliation, feminization in BDSM is fundamentally different from the cases when a male fetishist wears lingerie. And this is what makes feminization attractive for both the Top and bottom. There is also a name for the feminized bottom - sissy boy. The word sissy comes from the sister, but in combination with the boy becomes a pejorative name for a man who performs the role of a woman. Feminization options as a BDSM practice. This play can be session one, within the meeting, or long-term, when the established by Top rules of conduct are respected and outside sessions. In both cases, there are different options, depending on how deep feminization is, and who exactly wants to see the Top in the feminized bottom: the servant for domestic slavery, the "sexual slave" and for strap-on sex and cunnilingus. There is also the so-called "f****d feminization", in which, despite the full consent of the bottom to carry out these actions, he receives emotions from coercion to them. This is due to the ambivalence of the psyche, and the use of special techniques: for example, the use of feminization elements as punishment. Elements of feminization. Feminization is a fairly complex practice, in which a wide variety of elements can be present, either in complex or separately. It depends on what the Top wants to achieve, and from the bottom, which is subjected to feminization, the presence of various fetishes and the form of the development of sadomasochism. The main elements of feminization are the following. - Crossdressing. Wearing women's clothing, like underwear, stockings, corsets, and the open wearing of the upper dress, is practically an indispensable element of feminization. This can be combined with a stronger humiliation play. For example, wearing the so-called "whore clothes" in sessions and thematic events: from mini-skirts, under which clothes are seen, to erotic costumes from a sex shop. - Modification of sexual behavior. This element of feminization includes both the prohibition of male sexuality - in particular, wearing of a fidelity belt, and the practice of "feminine" in the form of anal sex with a strapon (pegging). - Education of women's behavior. An important element of feminization is a change not only in sexual behavior, but in the whole style of communication and behavior in general. In particular, the bottom is instructed to speak of himself in the feminine gender. There is also an option in which the bottom should behave "like a whore" - for example, walking and wagging his hips, etc. - Modification of the body and appearance. This direction can include both permanent modifications and temporary ones. First includes breast implantation, ear piercing and wearing earrings, and so on, and second - traditional female manicure and makeup, wearing long hair or wigs, depilation, or less common practices, for example, use of saline for temporary modifications of the body . Note. The word "feminization" is multi-valued, and can mean different phenomena in different areas - for example, in medicine, genetics, sociology. All this has nothing to do with this BDSM practice.