Fetish Look for Every Day

How difficult it is to refuse a favorite fetish for the sake of a strict dress code or social conventions. Why, then, not carry your fetish with you all the time? How is this possible? There are several options.

Hide Under the Clothes

Yes, no one will know what is under your shirt and tie if you do not show it yourself. But you will know for sure. So, under the clothes you can hide the underwear, lace, tight, latex. This is especially convenient for crossdressers.

In addition, corsets perfectly correct the figure and provide strong sensory sensations. You can wear them under anything but not too tight if you do not strive to demonstrate their presence to others.

Harnesses, belts and a leather harness are much more difficult to hide under clothes, but if they fit tightly on your body and you have enough loose clothing on you, hardly anyone will notice them either. However, it should be noted that both the leather and the rope on the bare body will significantly rub, try to find a balance between a tight fit and discomfort from friction.

Stockings, tights and leggings can not even be hidden, making them part of the image unless you are a b****l man with a beard of a Canadian lumberjack. Remember, a fetish look under clothes is for you if you want to show it to others, choose other options.

I'll Put on All The Best

Now it is hardly possible to surprise someone with a leather jacket or skirt, even a corset or vest will not look completely alien in the office. Therefore, you can experiment with images, complementing them with clothing items made from genuine leather. Try to combine them harmoniously with other clothes. For example, don’t wear a leather skirt under sneakers, no matter how fashionable sport chic is – this is not the case. Absolutely.

Also, do not forget about shoes. Spiked shoes, high heels, vibrant colors – all this can be the subject of a fetish. Coarse boots and buckles will look alien with an office dress code, but they are perfect for freelancers.

Do not forget about accessories. This is a storehouse for those who are f****d to observe rigour and consistency in the image but can afford a little frivolity in jewellery. Rings, bracelets, earrings, chains – all this can tell more about your hobby than any frank word. Even the rope used instead of a belt will be an excellent complement to the image and a fetish element.

Now few people wear gloves or hats. Be sure you will be noticed if you choose something extraordinary. But does someone else’s opinion really matter, when you enjoy wearing something?