Latex fetish (aka slaveber fetish) is a fetish for latex clothing and latex-clad partners. Latex fetishists have created a separate subculture, partially overlapping with BDSM. There are festivals of latex culture, clubs of latex lovers, including in Russia. A number of specialized magazines are published, the most famous of which is the German magazine Marquis. Latex clothing. Clothing made of natural latex tightly fits the body, creating a "second skin" effect. These clothes are glued (cut from latex sheets and glued together) and molded (cast from liquid latex in molds). The quality and thickness of latex determine the degree of comfort and durability of such clothing. In addition to full suits covering the entire body, latex catsuits and other fetish clothing are used. The traditional color of latex clothing is black, but now manufacturers offer a wide variety of colors, from white to any color, as well as with a pattern, with a metallic effect, there is also transparent latex. Textured latex, the outer side of which imitates crocodile skin, etc., is also popular for role-playing games. Latex clothing is polished on the outside with special agents to make it shiny. Putting on latex also requires removing hair and applying a special product to the inside and body to reduce friction and make it easier to put on and take off. Latex in BDSM. Latex fetish is also present in BDSM in the form of fetish clothing popular among thematics, but in general the use of latex here is much broader. In sadomasochistic practices, latex devices are used for bondage and mummification (bondage sleeves, bondage bags and vacuum bags). Latex suits or special masks are used in breath control practices. Latex products are also used in role-playing games: for example, it is a slave pony - one of the varieties of pony play, in which the bottoms are dressed in latex suits of horses. Precautions. The disadvantage of latex clothing is its high thermal conductivity, and low breathability, which makes it necessary to keep an eye on the temperature of the room. The polish on the outer surface of latex leaves stains on the furniture, so holding events with latex fetish requires special precautions, in particular covering upholstered furniture.