Precautions For Gag Usage

What could be less harmless than a gag – a simple toy that limits the ability of the bottom to speak? Meanwhile, as practice shows, there is absolutely nothing safe in BDSM, therefore, taking precautionary measures is so important even during short sessions.

Dangerous Gag

So, what can happen and why should one be “afraid” of gags? In addition to the physical embodiment of the prohibition to speak, the gag significantly limits breathing. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it if the bottom partner has a cold and has a stuffy nose.

You can c***e with a gag. We are talking about those toys that are inserted into the mouth and have a phallic shape. This is especially true for balls, which in the mouth can increase in size – inflatable gags with a blower bulb hanging outside. In addition, if instead of a gag-ball, bought in a sex shop, an adhesive tape is used, it is important to fix it correctly, firstly, and not to push tissue into the mouth, secondly.

No matter how it seems that the use of the gag does not harm, it is not. To get used to the fact that there is some kind of interference in the mouth may not be so easy. In addition, the gag-strut, which is used for teaching oral sex, can damage the skin, lips or even teeth. And the popular ball gag can also cause painful sensations in the jaw, if you find the wrong size, stick it too deeply, or hold it in your mouth for too long. It can cause prolonged (up to 3-5 days) pain in the jaw in the area of ​​wisdom teeth. Therefore, do not immediately run to the dentist, first understand the etymology of pain and the root causes.

How to Avoid Mistakes and Injuries?

Another important warning is that because of the gag, you can c***e on your own saliva. Therefore, it is important to fix it properly and place it in the mouth. The gag does not allow not only to speak but also to swallow, so it is necessary to ensure the flow of saliva. Perhaps, for someone, a viscous liquid flowing on the chest may not seem too aesthetic, but this will not allow the bottom one to c***e.

All toys need to be disinfected before and after use. Without fail. Gag this applies primarily: to bring the infection through the mucous easier, but to cure it is a question for your t*******t. Or venerologist.

Inability to speak creates another problem. How to say that something went wrong or stop the session? A non-verbal stop-word will help to give a signal: put a heavy object in bottom’s hands that he can drop in case of danger, or come up with a special knock. It may even be Morse code if the pose and the position of the bottom one will allow tapping “SOS”.


As you can see, a simple non-simple gag can be both a useful tool and a dangerous device. Always remember this.