Slave Rules: Rights and Liability

Many submissives are looking for a dominant who will take care of them. However, they forget that besides the right to be petted, the slave also has duties and obligations.


There is a difference between serving and waiting on. It is very well known to priests and domestic workers, who over the years of their life in the family have become its part, important, useful and necessary. As well as a slave who serves his Master or Mistress. Executing orders only is not exactly what is expected from a submissive. Yes, obedience is an important component of thematic relationships, but the ability to be useful without a direct order is much more important if you are not building session relationships, but permanent ones.

Just asking “How can I help?” Or “How can I serve you?” will allow you to take the initiative that will surely find its encouragement. You can avoid these issues if you discuss in advance the range of interests, preferences and expectations of each other, that is, the submissive from Dominant and vice versa.


There is a clear rule: the dominant never asks for anything, only orders. And these orders are not discussed, but executed. It may seem like a test, but this is how the Dominant takes care. For example, an order to sit at the feet may mean that you will be cared for as a pet, stroked and petted. Or, on the contrary, an order to remove shoes and wash feet – letting to touch the Master’s body and satisfy the slave's foot fetish fantasies.

As for the slave, he can piously believe that his Dominant reads thoughts and guesses his desires on one movement of eyelashes, but this is not so. But the slave cannot speak first, only with the permission of his Master, unless otherwise specified by the rules in a pair individually. A submissive may ask permission to speak and afterwards express his wishes. However, if we are talking about discontent, some practices that were in the gray zone, and now you would like to refer to Taboo, you should speak about this clearly and without any restrictions.


Everything is simple: obedience is one of the main duties of a slave. This means that any orders of the Master must be carried out, even if he allows to use you by some other Dominants. Unless similar is included in the Taboo list. In this case, you must say the stop word and discuss the issue. This will allow resolving the conflict with minimal losses, transfer relations to a different plane or destroy them as not having taken place.

Any dominant/submissive relationship must begin with a discussion, a conversation that will dot all, and make you understand how compatible you are and are ready to interact as a BDSM couple. The basic slave code contains a lot of rules and recommendations for beginners, but not all of them are applicable to practice with specific Dominants.