Stack: Status Device for Whipping and Discipline

One of the most popular devices in sex shops is the stack. We say for this thanks to the stereotypes and the famous film. However, few people think that the stack is not just a fetish cane with a slap at the end, it is also a convenient device for whipping and educating your slave. Of course, the Mistress in high heels and with a stack in her hands is a special kind of pleasure, but the thing that she can create them with the body of the bottom one cannot be repeated with any other device.

Warming Up and Full Session

The flogger is most often used to warm up. And it really is perfect for preparing the body for more painful practices. However, the stack is able to prepare both psychologically and physically.

Many of the bottoms state: when the Mistress picks up the stack, the heat in the solar plexus, as the first signal of anticipation, appears almost instantly. In addition, the feeling of a stack on the body – even without beats – generates a slight tremor, gradually adjusting to the necessary mood.

Despite the fact that the slap stack is so small and seemingly harmless, it can cause severe pain, if you know where and how to direct the blow. The best places for exposure are the nipples, the genitals, the inside of the thighs. It is important that the body of the bottom only touches by the slap, and the blows themselves were short and sensitive enough.

Especially well the stack is combined with sensory deprivation: when the bottom partner is fixed in one position with a blindfold and can only guess from the movement of air where the next blow will be.

Upbringing and Training

The stack can also be used in D/S practices. It allows you to keep a bottom at a distance, not to let the body of the Mistress, and the blow will serve as a punishment for violating the order. However, you can stroke a slave with a stack, building and maintaining a distance: the Top one does not touch its slave with its hands, only with other objects or through gloves. Then each skin contact will be perceived as a reward, and caress devices – as a prelude.

In addition, the stack is suitable for the education and training of "animals." The use of a stack in a pony play is assumed by default, but for "cats" and "dogs" the stack is considered a last resort. Or it can be used to learn tricks and commands. Although here everyone chooses his own way: carrot or stick. Often – literally.

If in your set of devices there is no stack yet, be sure to buy it. If there is one, but you still did not reveal its full potential, use our advice and color your sessions with new sensations.