Trampling: A Separate Kind of Humiliation and Pain

The sophisticated thematic is difficult to truly surprise with something. As a rule, those who practice for a long time have time to try or see even the most extreme practices of BDSM. Trampling at the same time applies and does not apply to the latter. And all because of the fact that it can be both quite pleasant and erotic, and unbearably painful.

Erotic Trampling

So, trampling as it is – is walking on the partner’s body with bare legs or in shoes. There is nothing extraordinary in it exactly until the practice itself acquires sexual implications: with bare legs, women can walk over the bodies of their partners and as, for example, a back massage. However, during erotic walking on the partner’s body, the lower one lies on the back, and the upper one tramples on his chest, stomach, face or genitals.

Depending on the strength of the pressure and the impact zone, the trampling can be erotic or painful. As a rule, walking with bare legs is used as a sexual game – foreplay. The top partner is the woman, and the man is in the bottom position. Often trampling is combined with foot fetish, when, while stomping on the face, the lower partner can also lick or rub against the foot of her dominant. It is important not to overdo it with the f***e applied, and not to injure your partner.

Pain Trampling

Trampling is usually practiced in shoes. The choice may depend on the preferences of both partners, and on the ultimate goal of the practice. It can be a reward, humiliation or painful pleasure for a masochist. Most often, a woman on thin heels turns out to be on top, therefore trampling is considered a femdom practice, although it is not a prerequisite - the Top of any gender can trample a partner’s body. However, both a masculine male and a thin girl can be a Bottom partner.

During trampling, the bottom partner is always on the floor or another hard surface: sofas, beds, and any soft horizontal planes do not fit. To maintain balance, the Top partner can use the wall or the available tools – furniture, canes, etc. In some cases, the bottom partner may be placed in a semblance of a box, and its genitals are pushed into the hole and they are already being t******d.

Since the painful trampling practice in shoes, it can be combined with boot fetish. Also often used fixation and sensory deprivation. Special attention and sensitivity are required from the Top Partner – sharp pins can cause serious damage to soft tissues on the partner’s body. For this reason, the Mistress often transfers body weight to the toes, using the heel occasionally, but in particularly sensitive places.


Not everyone decides on such t*****e, and the first experience may be the last, however, practicing couples argue that before rejecting trampling completely, you should still try. At least the light version with bare legs.