Vanilla and Themed Spanking

Admit, many in c*******d were spanked. This threat from parents hangs whenever a c***d seeks to do something forbidden. However, not only c***dren and parents can use slap on the pope as a punishment. In BDSM – and not only – this is a fairly common practice.

This Is My First Time

If you have never tried painful practices before, for you BDSM generally exists somewhere far away and in naughty films, think carefully, do you really want to try something new? Spanking is often part of role-playing games, such as a teacher and student, or a priest and a guilty nun. Nevertheless, caution should be taken in this practice.

Arrange a stop word in advance, discuss the details and select a pose. Speaking of the pose. It will be most convenient to throw the “guilty” over the knee to spank it well. For this, an active partner can stand on one knee, or lean his foot on furniture, and place his bottom buttocks up. This will add a sense of shame and frankness, but that’s the whole point. Another option that is more suitable for beginners is to sit on a bed or sofa, and then the bottom partner lies on top of both knees, that is, in a more comfortable position.

Advanced Spanking

Everything is somewhat simpler if you have already tried something like this and your subordinate position excites you. In fact, spanking, not as a sexual prelude, serves as a kind of warm-up for the masochist and his Sadistic partner. In some cases, this may be a full session, but still, it is rather a rarity and an exception to the rule.

Before starting, warm-up and inflame your partner: pinch or rub his buttocks. Play with them so they turn seductively pink. After that, you can safely proceed to slap. The blow should fall on the lower part of the buttock, you can touch the thigh, but it’s not advisable to touch the lower back.

Try not to stick your palm to the ass – this does not cause additional pain, rather discomfort. Do not strive to make many strokes, alternate them with strokes and caresses. If you have games of a sexual nature, you can interrupt for the caresses of the genitals or anus. You can also get your partner to count strokes, give thanks for them, or ask for more. Vanilla games are often complemented by dirty words.

Despite the fact that spanking is literally slapping with the palm of your hand, the back of the comb or a special device, paddle, can be used. Choose your method and enjoy.