Zodiac Signs and Their Fetishes

Many people believe that the zodiac sign under which you were born has a profound impact on your personality. Since your personality includes your sexual preferences and desires, we are going to take a look at some zodiac signs and their hidden BDSM passions.

Aries loves power

It may not be obvious, but your Aries BDSM partner is most likely into displaying power in your sexual relationship. If your BDSM master is an Aries person, you can expect to experience a lot of pain-based domination. Sometimes just a small amount of pain or discomfort is enough, but combined with a willing partner (Scorpios or Capricorns come to mind), Aries may take the whole domination idea a little further - think dungeons and spanking. Make sure to establish some boundaries if you’re not willing to go as far as your Aries partner.

Leo enjoys performing

Leo people usually have vibrant, self-centered personalities, and this definitely applies to their sexual behavior, too. Leos are unlikely to be into extreme BDSM practices, but they love doing stuff that revolves around themselves, so your Leo partner will be happy to deliver erotic performances for you. Sometimes Leos insist on having their sexual adventures filmed, so there’s another kink that can be a lot of fun if both partners share it.

Sagittarius hates restrictions

Sagittarius is kind of a “wild” zodiac sign with no respect for rules or restrictions whatsoever. This doesn’t mean that a Sagittarius BDSM slave will rush headfirst into any practice, but you can be sure that they are willing to try everything at least once - if you know how to persuade them. Just like most other signs, Sagittariuses value intimacy and emotional bonds, but they are also reluctant to fully commit themselves to any relationship. Thus, they are likely to have one night stands and other brief sexual encounters with no feelings of guilt or regret. This is something to take into account if you expect to build a monogamous relationship with a Sagittarius.

Capricorn prefers submission

The stereotypical Capricorn is usually a successful CEO or top manager at a large company, so it would seem counterintuitive that Capricorn people actually enjoy being dominated in the bedroom. However, a male Capricorn’s desire to be involved in femdom hookups  becomes easier to understand if you consider that being a leader is often quite emotionally taxing. Consequently, many Capricorns choose to give the reins to somebody else in their sexual relationship as a compensation for the leadership position they hold at work.