Electric Play

Electric Play is a BDSM practice that uses electric shocks on the bottom. Electric play can be used for serious painful effects, or it can be mainly a psychological game - in any case remaining an extreme and dangerous practice. Methodology and safety in electric play. A relatively safe equipment for playing with electricity is the so-called "magic wand" (aka "blue wand", Violet Wand). Nevertheless, even when using it, general safety rules regarding health restrictions (heart and many other diseases), as well as all of the following location restrictions, must be observed. More sophisticated uses of electricity in BDSM require a good knowledge of the physical and medical aspects, as well as the ability to perform resuscitative measures. Optimally, for these more complex games with electricity, use body-mounted electrodes attached to a TENS (Transcutaneous Electromyostimulation Device). The myostimulator usually comes with gel or rubber electrodes, which can be supplemented with variants of your own design. One electrode is fixed on the body, and the second is touched in different places, changing the frequency of current and power. As a rule, all manipulations are carried out in rubber gloves. It is important to note that for games with current in any case, only power from a battery or capacitor is used. You can not use power from the mains (through a transformer) - with any reliability, its breakdown is possible. Do not connect needles inserted into the body - the resistance of the vessels is minimal, and the internal electrode causes a strong uncontrolled impact even when a small household battery is connected. It is necessary to understand how the current affects a person, and how to provide first aid. The danger of electric current to the human body is determined mainly by the magnitude of the current flowing between the electrodes. The path along which the current travels is also important, as well as the electrical resistance - the resistance of mucous membranes is much less than skin, and wet skin is less than dry skin. A current of up to 10 mA can be used as a safe limit for pain practice. It should be kept in mind that different people have different sensitivity to current! In more sensitive people, even such a current can cause loss of consciousness. Current starts to be felt from 1mA, pain appears at 5mA, current of 7mA can be considered as the maximum permissible for most women, and 10mA is the maximum permissible for men. A current of 15mA is harmful to health, and at 30mA - respiratory disorders occur, up to paralysis of respiratory muscles - reversible, however, with medical assistance. There are a number of restrictions on the places where electrodes are applied: it is necessary to take into account the path of current between them. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to apply current through the head, neck or heart. If the strength of the current determines safety, for example the frequency of the current determines the intensity of the effect. If you set the frequency to 25 Hertz - it means that the lower one will receive 25 current strokes per second. The current frequency of myostimulators can range from 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz. It is recommended that you experience the effects on yourself before exposing the bottom one. Another danger is that electricity causes uncontrolled contractions of muscle fibers. An improperly secured bottom may suffer a ligament tear in this process. The rules described here are only a very brief outline - for games with electricity it is necessary to consult an experienced subject practicing them, or to study detailed manuals.